5 Ways to Show Thanks this Thanksgiving 

Happy Thanksgiving! I was thinking about being thankful and what is truly means…how do you actually show it to those you love? Below are some suggestions on how to show thanks.

1. Write someone a personal note or give them a card that details their acts of kindness or support.

2. Do an act of service for a friend. Wash their car, run an errand, baby sit or help them complete a task.

3. Call someone you are at ought with and do your part to attempt to make it right.

4. Go through photo albums or write in a journal to reflect on your personal growth. It’s ok to thank yourself as well.

5. Pray and thank God for his protection and many blessings over you and your loved ones.

Go Bucks! Beat Sparty! 

It’s going down today at Ohio Staduim! The # 3 Buckeyes take on that other team up north, #9 Michigan State. The hate is not as real as it is for Sparty’s big brother, but we don’t care about the whole state of Michigan, so prepare for both teams to give it their all. Repeat National Championship bragging rights are on the line for the Bucks, so it should be a good game. 

Today, it’s do or die! There will only be one winner…Go Bucks! Kick off is at 3:30. 


Radio Columbus Launches Throwback Hip Hop Station Boom 106.3

Boom! Just when you thought Radio One was done making waves with their latest news of acquiring two new frequencies, they launch the the city’s first throwback hip hop radio station. 

The Boom format has been popping around the nation in other Radion One markets and now Columbus had been added to the list. 

Be sure to check out Boom 106.3 for yourself and see what everyone is buzzing about. Follow them on Instagram @boomcolumbus. 

Radio One Columbus Expands with Two New Frequencies: Magic 106.3 Moves to 95.5

Radio One Columbus has purchased two new frequencies, which expands its brand to new heights. Magic 106.3 has moved to Magic 95.5 and is now Columbus’ Best R&B.

For those who have missed urban gospel, Joy is BACK! Joy 107.1 launches on Monday at 5pm. Joy 106.3 left the Columbus market in 2011, but it has been reborn, better than ever. 

Follow Magic 95.5 and Joy 107.1 on Instagram. @magiccolumbus @Joy1071

DIY Halloween Costume

I really didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween, but nowadays, there are loads of adult parties going on that will have you searching high and low for a costume. 

Whether it’s at work or a typical house party, I find myself contemplating if I’ll dress up and if I do, who/ what will I be? Last year I decided to create a look from my closet and just purchase some accessories. See my out fit below from “The Roaring 20s.” I already had the dress, stockings, pearls, purse and shoes. I purchased the headpiece, cigarette and gloves. 

This year, I took the DYI concept a step further. I didn’t buy anything to accomplish my “Olivia Pope” look. I literally shopped in my closet and make it work. 

I find that I enjoy creating my looks opposed to trying to find something at a store. The best costumes I’ve seen are the ones that people have created on their own. DYI costumes are also more cost effective and decreases your chances of someone having your exact look. 

Now, what shall I do for next year. You’ll just have to wait and see. Have a safe Halloween out there folks! 

Who’s Who in Black Columbus: Unveiling of 13th Edition 

It was a great evening last night at The Ohio Union for the unveiling of the 13th edition of Who’s Who in Black Columbus. This year I was featured as a radio professional with Radio One Columbus. It was an honor to be in the company of other Black Professionals and those making an impact in the capital city.

The evening started with hors d’oeuvres and a chance to mix and mingle. An amazing choir performed to kick off the program. President Drake of OSU addressed those in attendance via satellite from China. Mayor Michael B. Coleman was present and was recognized for his leadership along with a host of other movers and shakers.

This was a great opportunity to network and truly see all that Black people are doing to help make Columbus an even better place to live and enjoy.

For more information and to get a copy of the book, log on to http://www.whoswhopublishing.com

I look forward to next year’s event!